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Found 18 results

  1. Archived here are videos of previous unit matches, training sessions, drills, etc. These are posted for the purpose of study, either for personal or unit improvement. No comments will be posted here, discussions should be reserved for teamspeak or steam messaging. No pilot bashing, only constructive criticism, as this is for unit cohesion and improvement. No guts, no galaxy.
  2. I'm pleased to announce that every Monady, Wednesday and Friday 6 PM BST, we are going to train competetive 6on6. For now training dates are setup for Europe. North America will be included after we find NA sergeant, who will be leading them. Everyone with 100h on Team Fortress 2 or more is welcome. Trainings will be hosted by me. I will see you on the battlefield ! Sincerely, Team Fortress 2 Staff
  3. Training sessions take place every Tuesday at 17:00 UTC (18:00 BST, 12:00 CST). In order to participate in these events you must be registered for the AJSA Teamspeak. Prior to the event join the Virtual Training Grounds channel under Planetside 2 as shown below: All training sessions will take place in VR Training unless otherwise stated. In order to get to the VR Training area, when in game press 'U' to redeploy when you are on the deploy screen select one of the warpgates to spawn in. These can be found in the Red Box below: Once you spawn at the warpgate press 'E' on the Terminal with the globe, again shown below: Finally select the VR Training option shown in the Red box below: If you have not been invited to the squad by this point request an invite from the member of staff running the training session
  4. Dear competetive members, In order to connect our teams and establish a friendly relationship between us I propose a connected training in with we could help each other, The program is simple, NA makes a premade and EU members are watching their counterparts and after that same but other way around. This way we could all learn something from one anather, And before someone says that it's going to be boring, I know. But it's going to be very, very productive. Time and date to be discussed.
  5. So, I was thinking that we could spread the AJSA to fighting games, specificailly Street Fighter 4, now I am no expert like Daigo, but I've been playing among the community for a few years now so I'm not the type to mash hadokens and shoryukens and only pick Ken. If any of you had a chance to download the arcade edition a few months back and would like some hands on training, I'd be glad to assist in helping you learn any of the game's many fighters. I also own Ultra, so if you'd like training there, I'd be happy to download it. Of course, if you're a vet yourself I'd love to have you guys join for some Team Battles/Tournaments or Endless Battle sessions. Reply to this if ya'd like, I do have at least basic knowledge of the entire roster, so feel free to propose any character. Hope I'll get to game with you guys ^^ GT: ScreamingWasp24. Xbox Live only.
  6. Hello Angry Army, I decided to record the training from last Thursday because some members who wheren't able to join us wanted to know what was happening and beginner stil can watch and learn from it. The training was leaded by Hunter5988 and made for beginners. Here is the link to the video: You can watch it in higher quality if you open it in Youtube and set it to 1080p. I would like to thank Hunter for the awesome training, and the time he spend with us after the VR training on Amerish. He is a great platoon/squad leader to play with. I didn't record the 2nd part that was on Amerish because i had a really low FPS rate that cause much lagg in my gameplay and was also horrible to play with. See you on the battlefield, t4realll
  7. I like to start a discussion about what you guy think we can do as a guild in big scale. We all know that Dota 2 is a 5 vs 5 game , so it is difficult to get lot's of people in the same time on the TeamSpeak server and involved in a big scale event. Preferable the event should be something that can be casted with the guild streamers and should be interesting for non Dota 2 players as well. Something with which we could get views and awake interest in Dota 2. My first suggestions will be that we should try to educate the guild players about basic meta and what you should be doing at the position that you are playing. There is no point of individual coaching. Just make an event in which you stream how you should play the different roles. If you don't stream it you can ask the people that join the event to spectate the game you are playing. Have them all go in the same TS channel and discuss what the player is doing and why. All you need is one guy to play the hero and one to explain what is going on and why. You don't need to have teams come and do this, or win the game. Just educate the players and make them join the TS and see there is nothing wrong with that. Requirements: 1 player, 1 explainer. Create event in the Guild. Everyone must join TS to take part in the event. If you got better suggestions how to make the members join a bigger event together on TeamSpeak and do something together, feel free to post it here.
  8. Ever seen movies or tv shows or games where the character train themselves to prepare for upcoming battles, and it looks freaking awesome? What training sequences you think are badass that you know? I pick the classics. Why 1 when you can have all of them?
  9. I hope this will not effect the training to badly. I have been there for many and am not exactly a noob (just .0000001% above a noob I know there are alot of new guys that will be here today, but I have a big family event planned for today. I hope you officers will understand sorry again. (I probably have the most "I'm sorry I can't be there" messages out of anybosy in the AJSA haha -IsL
  10. Why am I doing this? Because I wish my teammates would use it more often, so I have to talk to them less . And I see there are always problems with Teams arranging their Training. Usually the Captain needs to PM every member over and over and this leads to frustration. So chill out, set up a schedule with multiple choice of times and dates and let your team decide when they want to finally be all online for Training. This site is also taking in considerations time-zones so it's one less think to care about. What you need to do as a Captain: Create an account at doodle.com . Create a new Event and set it up. You choose Dates and times when you think the Training should take place and you let your team tell you when they can and when they can't be there individually. Non of them needs to create an Account just to enter a name and an answer when they can or can't be there. Just send them the Link for the Event at doodle.com so they can enter their vote. At the end you see the results and decide for the Date and Time that is most favored. It takes not more then 8 steps, here is an example:
  11. Hello everyone if you are interested in either some league training, arams for fun, or even ranked games please get in contact. I would like to get a good oce group going to enjoy this game with, we have some good players already but welcome as many as we can get for fun games and a nice little community (because we all know what its like in there), helping new people and yes ranked. Would like to gauge how mnay oce people we have here in the AJSA interested in a more fun lol experience.
  12. Are you a noob at LOL? Trying to find a new champion or new strategy? I was thinking it would be cool to see a AJSA training squad type of thing for LOL. We'll do 5v5 custom games on Summoners Rift, or it could change if people want it too. Thanks and hopefully I'll see the AJSA on LOL! my summoners name is N0tSoGreatNate (the os are zeroes)
  13. Training Leader: Sergeant Jyk7 When: Thursday, December 19th, 2013 Start time, 4:00pm CST (5:00pm EST / 10:00pm GMT) Estimated end time, 6:00pm CST/12:00am GMT, give or take Curriculum: Guided weapons demonstration Vs Infantry VS vehicles Vs MAX suits Q/A after each section Certing/weapon recommendations For Heavies For Medics For Engineers For Infiltrators Scopes/peripheral certs Q/A after each section Squad tactics All mentioned classes will participate here. Q/A throughout.
  14. Not going to lie, I am bad at SC2. Ive been grounded for awhile and most of the time I have been trying to learn my Terran builds for SC and once I get ungrounded I will need help to get better! So I was wondering if there is a training group already out or, if not, how should the AJSA start one?
  15. I got Team Fortress 2, and I need training (on PC Steam) my Steam ID is machotacoking If anyone is interested in training me, please send me a message
  16. Heya, thought I'd start up a thread to post your tips & tricks for BF4. I'll start off with the defibrillator, it's possible to charge them up before reviving someone, therefore bringing them back into action with more health, rather than the base 20hp. This is simply done by holding in the left mouse button.
  17. Hello, I'm relatively new to League of Legends (started towards the end of Season 3) and am looking for a coach who can help me get better as a mid laner. Currently I main Syndra and Morgana, but play mostly Syndra. If anyone can is interested in teaching a noob like me, message me back. Thank You.
  18. I'm unsure whether or not the AJSA has a TF2 Server or not, however I'd love to at least meet a few of you in an empty public server, not necessarily to fight and cause conflict but to goof around in jolly co-operation and get to know one-another. If you're interested please reply, I'll be sure to add you.