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Found 6 results

  1. The title should be self-explanatory. What. The hell. Are you playing? Do you even speak English? Gits and shiggles aside, WELCOME. Welcome to the place on the internet, and, more specifically, the AJSA, where you can talk about what games you are currently playing. This can be as vague as the title of a game, to multiple, detailed reviews of whatever you've been dabbling about with as of late. You can even, if you so please, post mini forum post Let's Plays, to update the internet on what you've been playing. I'm sure the internet will care. As for me? Well... recently I've been playing Path of Exile, a fun Action RPG in the vein of Diablo II or Torchlight. Currently, I have been playing as a Templar. I've almost completed Act I. This is my second playthrough, although I've never finished my first. I look forward to continuing further. I have also recently received a PlayStation 3, and so I'm catching up on all the various exclusives and such it has to offer. One such game is Kingdom Hearts (the HD Remix version). This is my third playthrough (I think), although my PS2 copy was all scratched up, and thusly rendered unplayable. This, I think, was an excellent opportunity to replay the game, and this go, I'm going for all 99 puppies, all optional bosses, level 100, the Ultima Weapon, and a complete Jiminy's Journal. Also, The Last of Us. Great game so far. I find it frustrating in parts, but maybe that's just because I'm shit at stealth games.
  2. I'm a huge fallout fan and am immensly excited for the new release. What do you guys think is going to come back for it though? Is it going to be more like New Vegas or 3? Personally, I think that the survival mechanic and hardcore mode are coming back from New Vegas and the story and atmosphere are going to be more like 3.
  3. What is the genre you would play if you could only play one, for me it be RPGs. If there are any genres I missed, tell me and I will add them to the poll.
  4. Have you ever had the feeling when you know the entire concept of a game but you can't remember the name of the thing, so I thought why not make this topic so people can help each other out so we can go out and buy these games. So my game is really weird, it was a PS2 game where you would start up the game then you would take the game out and put in another disc then the game would generate a character off of the disk, you could also take a picture of yourself ( I'm assuming with the Eye Toy ) and put it on your character. Does anyone have any idea what the name of this game is?
  5. Anybody finished the mission from Madrazzo called "Death from above"? I figured I'd take a crack at it solo, because I like a challenge but holy crap. If you didn't get wanted right away, would be possible, I aggroed the guys without shooting any, so i was unwanted, and called in a merryweather attack chopper, which lasted for like 30 seconds and got shot down. So I'm wondering how to go about this, obviously I need more people, but can a couple more people effectively distract the cops while 1 or 2 go into the mansion? or will the cops just go apeshit and attack all of us?
  6. Heya! I just joined in the Angry army, and thought I'd introduce myself. I am a 18 year old Finnish male gamer (wow, such a long self introduction) Games I play atm: Dota 2 and Bf3, occasionally Hearthstone. Have played a variety of Mmorpg games and Im looking forward to ESO. Generally Im a friendly and forgiving gamer, but do have my limits. I don't really judge or tend to flame, but facts are facts. Could use people to play Dota with, getting real tired of solo que'ing against 4man premades ._. -> So feel free to add me on Steam if you're up for some games! Steam Id: Mutkububbles